Wednesday, April 8, 2009


After a full morning of coffee and conversation, Dad decides its time for breakfast. Upon discovering the fact of the matter is he is out of eggs - he gets that rushed look on his face, and says "well, we are just going to have to go out for breakfast!". Clearly we cannot wait to eat, as his hunger has passed the I-can-be-patient point. I concede and get up to put on my shoes. He yells up the stairs to his lovely wife of 35 years "Barb, we are going out! We are out of eggs! You comin'?".

She responds "no", that she's in the middle of coloring her hair. However, he doesn't hear anything except for the tone in her voice. Its typical that she's going to give him a speech about how he doesn't NEED to go out to breakfast AGAIN, and he knows this. So he sits down to put his shoes on and says

"Well.... you coming? I'm NOT waiting for the swallows to return to Capistrano!".

(if you don't know, which 99.998% of us don't typically know -
speaks of the miracle of the swallows returning to the mission.)

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Thomas said...

Wow! Dad's studying of Latin, or when he studied for the priesthood is coming full swing...much like the the swallows!